Can I just say that you have such an adorable artistic style? Because you do. I'm glad I found you! <3

Oh gosh oh gosh! well I’m glad you found me! i hope you like your stay!

i can’t handle sugawa, that boy is ruining me with his adorable personality and dorky smile! image

i’m making a bigger version of my ‘Rin the shark, swimming in a pool of cherry blossoms’ picture! so that i will be able to make it a print on t-shirts! I’ve made an account on redbubbles where you will be able to buy t-shirts i’ve designed . u .)/

One time I was in a small river with my dog, who hates water, and there where a lot of plants floating in the water making it look like firm ground. Then my dog turns around and JUMPS into the river thinking it was grass with a face of something like 'ah yes my time has come to run in a green field ofGSKDJAKNDI THIS IS WATER WHAT THE HOLY CARROT N O. We had to get her out because she couldn't by herself. She was ok afterwards, just a bit surprised and wet.

OMG no that poor lil nunu! i hope she didn’t get too traumatized for life! what a funny and cute story! thank you so much for sharing i really needed a story like that right now!!


please just watch this

ay u big fruitcake, plz feel better ok, ur too fab to be sad :cc

i’ll try my best! thank you for cheering me up! ., u ,.) i’ll be happy again soon i promise!

I love your art <3 :)

ah thank you! i’m glad you like it! ; o ;

you're lovely babbuu ;3;

oh thank you! it’s not that i want people to to worry (/~\) it’s just really hard to get in a better mood atm.. so i thought if people send me funny and cute stuff maybe that would help?