Hey Guys I made an account on Society6! i will be using that to sell my art from now on(because the place looks neat and it looked more personal than the other site i made) so yeah check it out! I’ll be putting some stuff up that you recommend me, and if you have any other ideas just send me an ask.

My name is Rigitard

Haruka got a new dream to swim for.


baby kageyama is so cute here is my favourite picture of him


and then he grew up..

morning sweet people, thank you for dropping by.

yeah, water is great.

yeah, water is great.

Your art is such an inspiration! I especially love the guinea pigs :) I have two guineas of my own so I'm just like (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

!! thank you i’m glad my piggies inspire you! i’m glad there are so many flufflord lovers here on tumblr! 

(all the piggies!)

your art gives me life *smooch* luv u

!!! omg thank you babe! you sweet ass potato ; 7 ;)/

i dunno if you know this, but posts will only show up in the first 5 tags you put them in. i saw u put the harurinralia post in many tags

!! oh i’ve actually been told that once before of one of my friends! I just seemed to have forgotten, thank you for the reminder! ’ o ‘)/

Don’t you know Haru, Australian adventures always makes you feel better